CiCoDa Methodology


Initial consultation with an appropriately skilled and experienced Lead Analyst with knowledge relevant to the initial analysis & elicitation activities.
Activities will include some or all of business analysis, process analysis, systems analysis, context analysis, market analysis, ecosystem analysis, problem definition, ‘successful solution’ characteristics, goal identification and initial feasibility summary.

The CiCoDa Methodology

Why? To see if we can help. And to see if it is the kind of project we want to do.
Why? To summarise what we understand to be the goal and maybe suggest others.
Why? So that neither party is committed to a long-term project, timeline and cost with no clear understanding of whether it will deliver value. Besides, it is a fundamental Agile principle to deliver something of value as early as possible
This could be anything from a simple business process change, through a summary of ‘buy, build or borrow’ solution options to a fully realised PoC in Software, Hardware or a combination of both..
We need to evaluate and analyse the new reality & provide a summary of deliverables and benefits
Iteratively repeat from step 3 as often as potential value can be identified

Where is everyone else?

At the initial analysis stage, no other skilled resources are required. CiCoDa is not a Consultancy in the traditional sense. In a nod to Agile concepts, we utilise what we need, only when we need it. We do not have a team of Resources on permanent retainer that we need to pay on a day to day basis. Most projects do not need a team of ‘always on’ Resources, especially at the very expert level and especially in the early stages.
A) This means we do not need to frontload Client engagements with additional unnecessary Resources. We bring in the expertise we need when we need it. B) We do not need to generate upfront revenues to pay (with Clients’ money) a permanent group of expensive Professionals.
CiCoDa’s network of professionals have all gained seniority in their various fields and all have one thing in common – they get great satisfaction from solving problems.
This is usually – but not always – using technology.
This is usually – but not always
  • Software Engineers with decades of experience in Payments, high-volume Web & Mobile platforms, APIs & Microservices and other mission-critical systems (sshhh… some of them are secret).

  • Electronics Engineers with multiple decades of experience in Consumer Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Electronic R&D, Electronics prototyping.

  • Highly experienced Agile and DevOps leaders with a wide variety of experience in an even wider range of sectors & projects.

  • Senior Technical experts in the worlds of Databases, Scaled Software, Robotic Process Automation, Agile & DevOps, Cloud Services, SaaS, DaaS, PaaS and IoT

  • Professionals in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, Brand Development

  • Connections with offshore and nearshore Software, Web & Mobile App Development Teams available to engage on a pay-as-you-use basis.

  • Multiple decades of experience in cutting edge R&D in both Academia and Commercial settings

Next Logical Steps

  • CiCoDa can, if required, engage in an RFP on behalf of the Client with a view to bringing in the bigger generic Service Providers.

  • CiCoDa can, if required, brief the incoming provider and ensure an appropriate Backlog is generated for them based on the Client’s requirements.

  • CiCoDa can, if required, take on the role of Product Owner, Business Analyst, Scrum master etc, acting as the voice of the Client when interfacing with the outsourced Service Provider.

  • CiCoDa can, if required, shield high value Client resources from the demands of a large Technical or Software Development project so they can focus on their core functions.

  • CiCoDa can, if required, also provide Agile coaching to the Client and/or outsourced Service Provider, traditional Project Management activities, Technical Oversight, independent evaluation of Solutions & Architectures, Data & Privacy oversight and a myriad other services depending on Client needs and on a pay-per-use basis rather than a retainer
The decades of experience built up by CiCoDa in projects like this, including managing projects delivered by outsourced, offshore, hybrid and Managed Services providers, means CiCoDa can identify efficient and effective activities and prevent scope creep, drift, padding or inappropriate 3rd party resources.

This model ensures the Client gets what they need, since CiCoDa will be engaged by – and responsible to – the Client and will not have a conflict of interest.