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Why People Choose Use

CiCoDa solves problems. It’s in our DNA. This is what we do.

Solving old problems with new technologies is something CiCoDa is passionate about. We will identify new opportunities within your organisation. When we identify these problems remove the pain points this will improve the overall job satisfaction
At CiCoDa we actively encourage the pushing and breaking down of technical boundaries. Innovation is important to us, and we will use innovation to drive your business forward
There is always a resolution. Problems are only challenges looking for answers. Be creative in sourcing solutions and seek support when needed
Make decisions with sustainability in mind: sustainable business practices, relationships and energy. Model functionality and well-being.
Imagine new possibilities. Expect and embrace beneficial change. Push the boundaries of expectation and reality

The Flowdaq Methodology

How does CiCoDa work?

How do we deal with our clients and what is our process for helping others? We like to get to know fully our clients and identify their pain points BEFORE we even propose working together. If you think that we can help in some way, check out the complete process

The Team

Our team will be compiled from some of the finest experts in the business to suit the needs of each individual project

Ron Healy

Senior Business analyst

Director and co-founder of Flowdaq and CiCoDa, Ron is a consultant and business analyst with more than 15 years’ experience in business and systems analysis, transport management, business process re-engineering, technology solutions, product and feature innovation and legacy technology modernisation.

Dave Reid

Marketing Manager

Dave has a BA and an MSc in Marketing. With over 15 years’ experience as Marketing , Project Management, Sponsorship Managment and PR Consulting. Artist Manager and Finance officer.

John Farrell

Technical Architect

John is an IT Professional with over 20 years’ experience in Service Delivery, Data Architecture and Development in industries including Financial Services, E-Commerce, Airline, Communications and Management Information Systems.

Padraig Coleman

Project Coordinator

Padraig is a business & technology strategist facilitating innovation and transformation at scale through design, engineering and product integration with program strategy alignment. With 7 years experience in Program lead and Innovation, Padraig holds a Masters Degree in Leadership, Innovation and Technology

Ger Meade

Design and Technical Architect

Ger is a Designer and Creative Solutions expert with over 20 years experience in music, creative design and web development

David Kaneswarran

Creative Media Lead

David is a UX designer with an extensive background in Media and graphic design. David is also a sound engineer and composer holding a B.Sc in music and a Masters in Analysis.

John Benedict Farrell

Operations Manager

John is an xperienced consultant in the IT recruitment industry with a proven track record in the business development, account management and C-level relationship management field. He is also a Law Graduate from Queen's University Belfast

Company Success

Turning ideas into ground breaking businesses since 2013

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