At CiCoDa Virtual Consultants

We offer advanced and flexible services based on a solid know-how on a broad range of topics and technologies.
We have Core advisors with a combined total of more than a century of experience in

Agile Process Design
& Implementation

Agile Training & Coaching at both Software Development & Enterprise level
Product & Process Innovation, Automation & Optimisation


Other Services

To name but a few

Web Design

WebSite Development & Mobile App Development


Digitalization of processes and products


Business Analysis and Business Process Analysis & Re-engineering


Large-scale & small-scale Business & Process transformationin a variety of Sectors.

Digtal Systems

Critical Data Systems including ‘mission critical’ Server systems

Software Moderisation

Legacy Modernisation &replacement of obsolete Systems & Applications

Digital Signature

Digital Cryptography & Steganography

Internet of Things

Intelligent Process Design using Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M)


Education material production & delivery, End User Training, Corporate Training


-End User Documentation, Technical Documentation, Marketing Collateral

CiCoDa Virtual Consultants

Also has Regulatory & Compliance Expertise in:

SEPA and related Payments
regulation & Implementation

GDPR and related Data Privacy regulation
Cosmetics regulation
Advertising & Marketing regulations


Has Clients in the following Sectors

  • Online Retail & eCommerce
  • Physical and Offline Retail
  • The Fund Accounting business
  • Corporate and Bulk Payments Processing
  • Music and Entertainment
  • The Government, both at National, State & Local level
  • Online ETF Trading & Securities Trading
  • Consumer Payments Processing
  • Data Protection including Audio & Video Encryption
  • Tourism & Transport
  • Public Utilities
  • The Airline Industry
  • The University Sector
  • Web and Mobile development
  • Distribution & Logistics

Is it time to start?

We in CiCoDa hate the idea that people & organisations are missing out on the benefits of modern technologies and Agile ways of working simply because they don’t know how or where to start. CiCoDa is that ‘where’ & we can show you how.

CiCoDa solves problems. It’s in our DNA. This is what we do.

  • Solving old problems with new technology
  • Identifying new opportunities within Organisations
  • Identifying & removing pain points to improve job satisfaction
  • Innovation, Automation & Optimisation to give Organisations space to “think clearly”
  • Optimising & automating low value tasks to free up high value resources
  • Analysis of existing processes to identify beneficial process change
  • Documentation of existing ecosystems for modernisation or replacemen
  • Analysis & documentation of existing processes for compliance & reporting
  • Evaluate teams & Organisations to promote appropriate Agile transition & coaching
  • Full scale Innovation Lab / Hot House setup
  • Identifying & resolving the ‘five monkeys’ problems in Organisations
  • Digitising and automating manual tasks
  • Feasibility and validation activities for new ideas
  • Design of processes for ‘greenfield’ projects
  • Legacy modernisation ie. “mainframe to modern”
  • Web Portal & App development