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Knowledge Areas

  • - Web Site Development & Mobile App Development.
  • - Innovation Lab & Hot House setup and operation.
  • - Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M).
  • - Funds Industry processes and systems.
  • - Corporate-to-Bank and Corporate-to-Corporate Payments & in-house Bank systems.
  • - Music and Entertainment industry.
  • - Retail, eCommerce and Hospitality.
  • - Tourism, Transport & Logistics.
  • - Loyalty & Membership Programs.


Like a lot of people, you are probably now working from home and dealing with the struggles which that brings. With our platform, you can work around your schedule. Use our whiteboard to send us a message, or peruse our collection of online conferences and calls

Video Conferencing

Welcome to the Online Videos section where you can you log in from the comfort of your home and learn, just as you would if you were here with us.

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  • Business to Business Conferencing
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Our next Live Conferencing session is due to take place on the 2nd January 2021

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