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Who, or what is CiCoDa?

CiCoDa is a full digital and Virtual Consultantcy

CiCoDa is the brain child of life long learner and top business analyst Ron Healy. Ron wanted to put together a fully digital and online Consultant agency with a twist. Every project undertaken will be carefully planned and a team of experts will be assigned to your project, chosen from a huge pool of experts.

You will hire CiCoDa to do the job, and CiCoDa will find the right people. Each project will have different goals, therefor each project will have a different team of experts. When your project is complete, the contracted team will be then be used where their skills are best suited.

How does it work?

  • 1. Initial consultation at no cost and with no commitment.
    a. Why? To see if we can help. And to see if it is the kind of project we want to do.

  • 2. Second consultation at no cost and with no commitment.
    a. Why? To summarise what we understand to be the goal and maybe suggest others.

  • 3. Proposal of limited set of activities & predicted outcomes or deliverables, suggested lead time and duration, ways of working and likely cost.
    a. Why? So that neither party is committed to a long-term project, timeline and cost with no clear understanding of whether it will deliver value. Besides, it is a fundamental Agile principle to deliver something of value as early as possible.

  • 4. Oversee the implementation of the agreed activities. This could be anything from a simple business process change, through a summary of ‘buy, build or borrow’ solution options to a fully realised PoC in Software, Hardware or a combination of both.

  • 5. Evaluate and analyse the new reality & provide a summary of deliverables and benefits.

  • 6. Iteratively repeat from step 3 as often as potential value can be identified.

  • Read more about our Methodology HERE

In November 2019, Flowdaq introduced a product called ADAM, which was designed from the ground up to disrupt the water cooler industryThe product is actually fixed to the side of the cooler. Basically, its watching the bottle all the time - watching for when the bottle is used. Once it notices that a bottle has been used, it tells someone.

ADAM, which stands for Aqua Data Auto Monitor is an IOT device, meaning of course that it connects one device to another.

The problem Flowdaq set out to solve is a simple one, but very difficult to solve. When distributors are delivering to customers, they literally have no idea how many bottles – if any – are actually required for the delivery

The solution Flowdaq came up with was a hardware unit that retrofits to any water cooler in any location, monitors the presence or absence of bottles, notifies us when a bottle is used so we can then notify the distributor through normal communications protocols

Read More about ADAM here

Best Strategy

A great strategy provides a clear roadmap, consisting of a set of guiding principles or rules, that defines the actions people in the business should take to achieve desired goals.

High-Quality Services

A business with high service quality will meet or exceed customer expectations whilst remaining economically competitive.

Friendly Support

Keeping loyal customers is less expensive than getting new ones. At CiCoDa we aim to create relationships, not customers.

What We Do

We have a wide range of experts from several fields ready to help

Agile Transformation

What makes an MVP an MVP…?!

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The process of converting information into a digital format

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Legacy Modernisation

Fully automated integration and converting legacy code

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Innovation, Automisation & Optimisation

We increase the quality and productivity of your goods or services, the more innovative, the better.

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